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Health Assessments & Checks

Our team of professionals offer a friendly and professional service, developed to meet your needs. We provide our patients with a complete health check including blood tests while meeting their specific health care requirements in a professional and comforting environment.

These include Well being screening, health and diet plans, blood testing and COVID 19 tests.

  • Screening tests
  • Female health check
  • Men’s health check
  • Lifestyle management and coaching
  • COVID-19 test kits
  • Home Health Services-Right at your Door

A health assessment can result in lasting change. It is more than a check-up. It can be the start of a journey towards better health. We use our health expertise to show where your current health is and identify potential future health risks. After your health assessment, we’ll give you guidance and support to help you become healthier today and in the future.

Speak to us if you’ve got any questions or would like to book your health assessment.

Spend up to one hour with one of our doctors with a full physical examination.

Our range of health assessments offers much more than just a check on your health.

We provide personalised tests and measures to tell you where your health is at today, what risks you could be facing in the future, and then we provide support to help you change your lifestyle to help you live healthily today and in the future.

Your assessment will be tailor-made for your personal needs, we only perform tests that are necessary to avoid giving you things to worry about.

Our expert team will guide you through future risk factors and will give you practical lifestyle support to empower you to be able to make any necessary changes.

You will have a personal health advisor who will work with you to set out a lifestyle plan. Our team will then call you at agreed times following the assessment to see how you’re getting on and to offer additional support.

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